Everyone who has legal problems has the right to obtain legal services from a lawyer. The rates/fees charged by each attorney are different for each case. Generally, the legal fees charged by lawyers are divided into 3, namely:

1. Lawyer Fees

This fee is charged for legal services performed by lawyers.

2. Operational /Administration/Registration fees

This fee is used to pay for the operational needs of lawyers in handling client cases, such as court fees.

3. Success Fee

Fees are charged if the lawyer has completed legal services properly as Client’s expectation.

The MRP law office has different rates for each case. However, several considerations determine the tariff for legal services at the MRP Law Office, including:

  1. The difficulty level of the case
  2. Value of disputed object
  3. Client’s financial capability
  4. Case administration fees
  5. Accommodation costs

The following is the range of costs for lawyer fees at the MRP Law Office, including:


Cost Range


Start from 3.000.000 IDR

General Civil Law

5.000.000 IDR – 10.000.000 IDR

Criminal Law

10.000.000 IDR – 15.000.000 IDR

Those lawyer fees depends on the level of case’s difficulty, the value of the object of dispute. Beside that Client also should consider operational expenses such as court fees and transport fees. So, the cost of legal services at the MRP Law Office is uncertain as to the range of fees mentioned above. However, clients do not need to worry about the cost of legal services at the MRP Law Office because the client can pay for the services of a lawyer according to the client’s financial capacity. So, don’t hesitate to contact the MRP Law Office via telephone number +62811-3145-949 or via e-mail at info@kantorhukummrp.com.