Areas of Practice

Our team consists of professionals who have a lot of experience handling various cases and managing business establishments in various regions in Indonesia such as East Java, Central Java, West Java, Jakarta, Bali, North Sumatra, Batam, Kalimantan, and East Nusa Tenggara. Not only that, some of our previous clients were foreigners who had business in Indonesia, so our team is used to handling accross nation business transactions and has a network of lawyers abroad such as Australia, US, UK and Malaysia.

MRP Law Office advise and/or help Client in relation to commercial law such as business licenses, commercial contract and others aspects. MRP Law Office assist Clients to run a promising business while still complying the law.

MRP Law Office assist Clients in relation to general contract, finance and property law. MRP Law Office provide Clients with the best advise and the best solution, so that they can decide wisely to act and solve their matter. Moreover, MRP Law Office has represent Clients in court related to privat law, such as in contract dispute, sale and purchase dispute, etc.

MRP Law Office with experienced partners assist Clients related to banking and finance law. MRP Law Office assists and advise the best way for banking and finance company so that they run the business by the rule but still profitable. On the other hand, MRP Law Office also advise Clients to get knowledge related to banking and finance law, so Clients know their rights and obligations when they have business with bank or finance company.

MRP Law Office with licensed partner assist Clients to get their intellectual property by apply it to the directorate general of intellectual right. Furthermore, MRP Law Office also assist and/or represent Clients in court to maintain their intellectual right that has been violated by others. 

MRP Law Office accompany or represent Clients both in non-litigation such as negotiation, mediation or arbitration. Furthermore, MRP Law Office accompany and represent defendant in court to maintain and/or get their rights.

MRP Law Office advises Company to run their business by the rule but still profitable. There are many types of company in Indonesia, so are the regulation related to company law,  MRP Law Office provide the best services and advise  CV, Yayasan, Koperasi, and Privat or Public Corporates for their best business experience, such as company establisment, company license, etc.

MRP Law Office assists Foreigners in relation to immigration for expats and non residents. MRP Law Office assists not only foreigners to get Indonesian visa, citizenship, and permit but also MRP Law Office assists Company to help their foreign employee to get Indonesian work permit.

MRP Law Office serve the Clients in relation to bankruptcy law by advise and the best solution so they can get their right from the debtor or maintain to not be bankrupt. By the experience, wide relation, and the best knowledge, MRP Law Office assists and/or represent Client to apply of postponement of debt payment obligation to the court so the debtor can endure the time for their obligation or the creditor obtain legal certainty about their right. With licensed curator partners, MRP Law Office help Client in relation to bankruptcy law easier.

MRP Law Office advise the Clients so that they get the best knowledge to avoid criminal act. Furthermore, MRP Law Office accompany witness and suspect when they are questioned by investigators, so that they still get their right. MRP Law Office also assists Client when Clients tried in court.

MRP Law Office assists Clients to get knowledge about family law, so that Clients can decide in relation to their family affairs wisely. Furthermore MRP Law Office assists and/or represent Clients to find the best solution for their family dispute both in litigation and non-litigation.

MRP Law Office not only serve Clients to get knowledge about their right in relation to labor law by advise, MRP Law Office also give advise to Clients for the best way so that they get their rights. MRP Law Office has assisted and represented employee/manpower both in non litigation and litigation.

MRP Law Office, by our knowledge and experiences, will assists Client for the best solution in relation to sharia law. In Sharia Family Law, MRP Law Office help Clients to have knowledge about inheritance law, sharia marriage law, family property, Child Custody, etc. Moreover, MRP Law Office also assist Company such as sharia banking law.

MRP Law Office assists national and multinational energy and natural resources companies, including mining, oil and gas, power and water companies, to acquire interest and operate successfully in projects in Indonesia. MRP Law Office advises and assists with mineral exploration, exploitation and mineral rights, production sharing contracts, off take agreements, long term supply agreements, joint venture agreements, land title and acquisition, government advisory work, construction, procurement, environmental and forestry issues, mine operations, manpower, health and safety regulations, regional autonomy, and local government versus central government matters.

MRP Law Office with licensed lawyer tax partner assists Client related to tax law such as appeal of their tax bill or represent Client in tax court. MRP Law Office always try the best so that Clients’ right is not violated.