Our Clients

  1. PT Sinau Tumbuh Bersama (Bali)
  2. PT Delta Art Star (Jakarta – Surabaya)
  3. PT Indonusa Algaemas Prima (Jakarta – Malang)
  4. PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia (Jakarta)
  5. PT Sidogiri Fintech Utama (Pasuruan)
  6. Indonesian Pharmacists Association (Bojonegoro Branch)
  7. Tokioten Tea House (Malang)
  8. Downtown Social Bar (Malang)
  9. Individual clients, both Indonesian citizens and foreigner

Our Experiences

MRP Law Office that was built by 2 experienced Lawyers. Our team has much knowledges and experiences related to law case that happened in Indonesia. With more than five years license, the partners are not only experienced on one field. Not only on a law case, our team is also experienced as corporate lawyer. Following are our team experiences as lawyer.

  1. Contract: Our team has many experiences to review Client’s contract, make business contract, and handle any case related to contract.
  2. Corporate: Not only on building a corporate, our team has experience and license to do some legal audit for a corporate. The legal audit is always needed when one or more corporate will do some legal actions such as merger, acquisition, liquidation etc. We also have experiences handling some case related to corporate, such as share holder dispute.
  3. Property Law: One of our team worked as legal staff on one of developer in Surabaya. Not only knowledgeable on property law, our team has experiences to give advice, reviewing property contract, and handle case related to the property law either as the developer or customer.
  4. Intellectual Right: Our team is experienced on submit intellectual right license. Furthermore, my team also has experiences on handle some case related to intellectual right dispute.
  5. Bankruptcy: Lawyers on MRP Law Office are experienced on bankruptcy law, either as creditor or debtor.
  6. Family Law: We also have experience on family law, such as divorce, guardianship, inheritance, etc.
  7. Civil Law: Beside above experiences, our team is experienced on other civil law.
  8. Criminal Law: MRP Law Office has hold a criminal case, either paid case or unpaid case (pro deo). Moreover, some of our team have experiences on special criminal case such as corruption, intellectual criminal law, etc.
  9. Government Law: Government Law is one of the difficult law in Indonesia, it is caused the procedure of the court is different than others. However, our team has experiences on that field. Our team had sued on of Indonesian’s regional government related to the government’s decision.